Senior Copywriter

A senior copywriter at Woodruff has a proven track record for conceptual thinking and skilled copywriting that connects with people and helps clients achieve their goals—whether it’s building their brand, educating or moving product. The senior copywriter has the ability to become the voice for their clients, which requires a deep understanding of their business, their culture, their audiences and the competitive landscape.

Comfortable and confident in their writing across all mediums, including all forms of print and digital, the senior copywriter can take on the most challenging creative brief and deliver unexpected and on-strategy solutions that drive extraordinary outcomes for their clients.

This role requires self-assurance and excellent communication and presentation skills. Working alongside art directors, developers, designers and additional team members, senior copywriters must be keen team players and self-sufficient multi-taskers, ready to mentor and coach less experienced team members.

If this sounds like you, and you like the idea of working alongside a group of fun, talented people in a collaborative environment free of egos and personal agendas, then send us your work and let’s get the conversation started.

This person could be located in Kansas City, MO; Columbia, MO; or remote.

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