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The Value of Advisory Councils

Woodruff has a deep bench when it comes to our teams’ knowledge of our clients’ businesses and the customers they serve. Many of us have worked directly in the industries our clients serve. Through this, we have built relationships that we treasure and can identify opportunities that benefit the industry and key target audiences.

In particular, our teams love the diverse and complex business landscape that makes up super-niche business segments and uncovering how and why audiences make decisions. Niche segments such as almond production in California, micro ingredients for pet food, or rural healthcare expansion in America’s heartland are all opportunities in which an agency team must understand its audiences at a level not always found through existing research.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes deserve persona, customer journey development, content and user experiences that are true to their brands and that are unique in meeting their customers’ needs. With advisory councils, Woodruff takes understanding our clients’ businesses to a level that brings an in-field perspective to capture the most emotional and rational points that make up customers’ key purchase decisions for when, why and how.

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Woodruff Advisory Councils

Our advisory councils are made up of individuals with local market knowledge, and provide an unbiased perspective that helps us get to the heart of “why”: Why they make key decisions the way they do, what challenges they have and how they determine what their opportunities are. Our advisory council members fill the knowledge gap for a variety of marketing challenges that formal research hasn’t really uncovered. They help when new products or services launch, and with overcoming industry or product issues. And, just as important, they reveal their channel preferences — what they read and why and who they look to for advice.

Adding Value for a Feed Additive Client

When working with a feed additive client with business in global markets such as Asia and Latin America, one of our advisory council members had direct experience working with the target audience, poultry nutritionists, in those markets. As a result, we were able to garner key decision making insights that weren’t widely available through other sources.

Focusing on Filtration

A filtration solutions business needed a greater understanding about how the decision-makers in multiple departments of transportation companies determined how and when real-time filter monitoring was used for the maintenance management of their fleets. Through industry influencers, we were able to connect the dots on how and when these decisions were made, which helped us develop a more relevant and accurate customer journey and uncover ways to solve the target audiences’ greatest needs.

Vetting Our Knowledge of Pet Health

Through years of working with companion animal veterinarians on a variety of pet-related health conditions and prescriptive remedies, our teams have gained firsthand experiences in the pet care space. When a large companion animal pharmaceutical company was entering an unfamiliar market and wanted to be better prepared to launch a new product, Woodruff consulted with the company to create a practical and affordable “war game” and tapped into the thinking of veterinarians who would drive the recommendations for the product. This approach resulted in a better understanding, which led to higher confidence and a more informed launch strategy.

Our Woodruff team members are actively involved in associations, and through our wide range of experiences have connections in multiple business sectors that help us remain current and competitive. Through our network, we can contact an advisory council member on a variety of topics small or large.
Here are a few examples of areas where we’ve consulted advisory council members:

  • production animal health, such as dairy or poultry
  • niche markets for agriculture crop production
  • pet care (veterinary or consumer)

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