Our point of view


What do we do? A quick glance at our core capabilities and you’ll see there’s not much we don’t do. But it’s how we do it that sets us apart. We bring creative and critical thinking into every discipline within the organization. And we reject the traditional boundaries that often exist between departments that can stifle cross-pollination. The result is a more integrated, 360-degree approach, and ideas that drive extraordinary outcomes for our clients.


Brand strategy

A brand is more than a logo or a tag line. It’s a promise to current and future customers. It represents who you are, who you want to be and how people perceive you – and it should drive everything you do. So we help our clients identify their brand through our unique brand discovery process. Then we create a strategy that answers to your brand and helps you achieve your goals.


We believe our best work starts with finding emotional and rational connections with our targets. Mining the data for those key strategic insights that help us understand your customers and prospects and create relevant solutions that strengthen your brand. So we employ the marketing research tools that can uncover these discoveries and give our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace.


We offer the full range of digital capabilities to help our clients succeed in the digital age, including website design and development, search-engine optimization, web hosting and maintenance, app development, email marketing and web analytics. But we believe our most important capability is digital strategy. A well-designed, integrated strategy can create a true competitive advantage and build stronger, more relevant brands.


When 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchase decisions and 60 percent interact with their favorite brands on social media, having a strong social media partner goes without saying. We believe a successful social media strategy merges existing, relevant content with curated media to create an interactive customer experience and a strong community of fans and advocates for your brand.


We understand that reaching and engaging your audience today has become a bit more complicated than the days of the print and broadcast buy. It’s a dynamic world, and you need a media partner with expertise to help you navigate the evolving landscape of media options. We follow a three-part process that includes consumer research and strategic planning, efficient and targeted media buying, and measurement + analytics to provide accountability for every campaign.


Every brand has a story to tell. Through strategy, outreach, planning and engagement, we tell that story in the ways that are most useful and relevant to your audience. From new product publicity to issue and crisis management, we maintain the integrity of our clients’ reputations as if they were our own, with messaging that is carefully crafted, targeted and impeccably timed.


It is no longer enough to simply utilize given media. Sometimes a brand must create its own channel through which to deliver meaningful content. From articles, blogs, and social media messaging to how-to videos, subscriptions and SEO, our content marketing and management team effectively develops, distributes and tracks ongoing content for our clients. Content that, along with consistent branding, provides real value to your audience and fosters trust and loyalty among your customers.


It’s all about the idea. Then it’s about flawless execution. From a concept scratched on a napkin to a fully integrated campaign, we know how to recognize a good idea and thrive on seeing it through to completion. Whether it’s a logo and a tag line, a website overhaul, a traditional media package or something we’ve not even thought of yet, our writers, designers and artists of varying disciplines create beautiful works of art you’ll be proud to put your brand’s name on.


There is no better insight into the minds of potential customers than through the minds of the current ones. Customer relationship management (CRM) allows us to turn collected data into meaningful and useful details about customer behavior. When you understand what drives that behavior, you can control what influences it. Effective use of CRM, including database management and planning, helps increase customer interaction and retention, improve market segmentation and reduce wasted resources.


With combined retail and business-to-business online sales expected to top $6.7 trillion by 2021, there’s no doubt consumers are moving online to shop and to purchase. Our e-commerce team offers complete, turn-key solutions for this new reality – from creating an e-commerce website that can increase your online market share, generate higher customer loyalty, and promote an overall positive customer experience – to expertise in selling across multiple platforms, including Amazon. We also help our clients with additional expertise in online reputation management. Learn more here.


Our business consulting group brings insight-inspired solutions and fresh perspectives to help solve business problems, break through barriers and deliver profitable results. Starting with a quick-turn project brief to identify what’s needed for the project or initiative, we can achieve actionable and affordable solutions in a quicker timeframe than larger, traditional consulting groups. Project work includes business and strategic planning, scenario planning, blue ocean strategies, issues and crisis management, internal and external new product launches and meeting facilitation.